Tips for Choosing the Right MA or CT DJ

When you hire a DJ, you’re hiring the most memorable feature of your wedding day. Here’s an interesting study.

Average Amount of Money Spent                   Most Remembered by Guests​

Venue & Catering 38%                                               Entertainment 38%
Wedding Ring 23%                                                     Miscellaneous 20%
Bridal Attire Including Gown 16%                           Gown 8%
Miscellaneous 10%                                                      Flowers 16%
Photography & Video 9%                                           Venue & Catering 8%
Entertainment 5%

(These statistics were published in Bride & Groom Magazine.)


*** Remember, don’t try to save a few bucks and hire a DJ for $50 an hour. This is YOUR important day. Don’t take chances. Hire a pro who has years of experience behind the mic.

We strongly recommends you ask the following questions of your DJ:

Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?

A versatile DJ is willing to listen to your suggestions, give you feedback, and play from your desired list.  A professional DJ will also accept the fact you may not want certain songs played.  Remember, A DJ cannot know everything about your musical preferences and entertainment needs without communication.

Do you use professional equipment?

Ask whether your prospective DJ works with professional audio equipment.  If you are not sure, ask for their equipment list and check with a local music dealer A to verify they are using professional-grade sound gear.  Remember that professional gear does not guarantee an entertainer talent or service level, but it is a tool for building an exceptional event.

Do you provide backup equipment at my event?

Although equipment failure is rare, do you really want your special occasion ruined because your DJ did not come prepared?  It is also important to know if your DJ has a back-up plan in case of illness or an accident.

Does the DJ know the proper etiquette for your type of party?

A professional DJ will assist you with the planning of your special day.  Most professional entertainers will coordinate, emcee, and provide the music that you desire.  Ask if they have experience with your type of event.

How much time do you allow for set-up?

Punctuality is a necessity.  Most DJs arrive at least one hour prior to the start time you have given them.  Your entertainer should ideally be set up and in-place before your first guest walks through the door.

Do you provide a written contract?

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing.  Ask for a written agreement, especially if you are paying an initial retainer.  The standard initial payment for entertainment services is 50%.  If you are expecting a specific entertainer, make sure you get it in writing as well.

Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion?

Specify the type of apparel that your DJ is expected to wear for your occasion.  Formal attire or coat & tie are the most popular forms of attire.  If you are having a “themed” event, make sure your entertainer is informed.

DJ Kellogg will answer all of these questions and more if you call him at 1-413-206-9497.